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Plymouth 2010 - Saturday & Sunday - Monumental Movie and New England Solemn Assembly

On Saturday morning we were all excited to be a part of something that we believe in and that we hold dear to our hearts. Yes, it may have been part of a documentary that Kirk Cameron is involved with, but more important than even the scene for the movie was the message involved. Our founding fathers knew that in order for this to be a great nation it must be built on God's principles. They lived, loved, and died fighting for this nation and it's Providential Foundation! God really opened our hearts a few years ago when Bro. Don Pinson ( did an American Christian Heritage seminar at our church. He taught about the Pilgrims journey to this new land and the sacrifices that they made. The incredible way that God's hand and provision was in everything that they endured. It is the true history and a message that America needs to hear again and RUN back to!
What is so exciting is now that Kirk Cameron has heard this Truth about our history and sees God's hand in the birth of this nation, he is doing this documentary/movie to help get this message out! Not that it is only going to take this one man to accomplish this, but I believe that God is defintely going to use him to help spread this message.
This is the National Monument to the Forefathers and it is where the movie gets it's title from: Monumental Movie
This monument was finished in 1889. It was built as a memorial to the founding fathers so that it would never be misunderstood that this nation was built on a Christian foundation! There is so much symbolism in this one statue that it would take hours to go through each detail! (I'll hit a few in a minute.)

This scene that they were shooting was really a worship service. There was a praise band playing and as people started arriving you could just feel the presence of the Lord all around us. Kirk Cameron and Dr. Paul Jehle both spoke along with some other special things during the program.

Kirk as he was preparing for his speech.

If you want to hear his speech you can go to this link:

Dr. Paul Jehle and Kirk
Paul who is the Senior Pastor at The New Testament Church has helped Kirk quite a bit with this movie. Paul has been studying and preaching this message for years and has more knowledge about this topic than anyone I have ever known!

We never got to personally meet him, but you could just tell this guy was genuine and so sincere. He was so much a part of this worship service and it was obviously not just for the movie shoot! You can tell he loves the Lord! It was suprisingly warm that morning and this picture was of him taking off a long sleeve shirt and sweater! He left shortly after this for a flight for another appointment.
Now I'll tell you a little more about the monument.
The week before we left Don came to our church and did a message/virtual tour of this monument. The following is just part of what he spoke about that night and also what his son, Joel taught us last year when we came to Plymouth with him.
The statue at the top is Faith. She is pointing her right hand toward heaven to the One True God. In her left hand is the Geneva Bible, this translation led to the Reformation and allowed God's Word to be placed in the hands of common people. If you look closely there are some pages that look like they are being blown by the wind. The wind represents the Holy Spirit. Her left foot is placed upon a Rock - Jesus of course! There is a star on her forehead and it represents wisdom, that can only truly come from God.
There are four statues below Faith and each one has it's own message. Education is one of our favorites. She is looking up and out to God and out to the next generation. She is also pointing to the Book of Knowledge.

On the front of each of the four statues is also a scene that is significant to the founders. The one in front of Education is of the Pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact. The first and one of the most important document in America's history.
Morality, the basis of government, is also looking toward Heaven. She is holding the 10 Commandments in her left hand for we must have these commandments from God as a basis for what morality is in the first place. She is also holding a scroll that is Revelation in her right hand. She is wearing a priest's breastplate signifying that because of Jesus and His sacrifice we are able to be priests as believers. Praise God we can approach the Throne of God because Jesus is the High Priest and made the way for us.

Liberty is a soldier with a dead lion underneath him with it's paw laying over his shoulder. The lion is a symbol of the enemy, because he is roaming about the earth seeking whom he may devour. But he will always be defeated by the One that is stronger!!! The chains on Libery's wrist and foot are broken - Liberty is produced when we walk with Jesus! The sword laying in his left hand is still in it's sheath and not being drawn. Liberty has to be protected by the sword, but never drawn to take other's liberties away.

Law has his hand extended to the criminal saying come and have justice. A person should have internal self-government, but if not then external government must be in place.

On each side of the statues there are smaller statues that have more symbolism and messages. It is truly the most important monument that we have in America. But it has been hidden and not taken care of for many years. In his speech, Kirk said that when he first saw this monument all he could think about was "how can this not be illegal, because it was so blatantly Christian!"
If you ever plan on taking a trip to New England please - please - please visit Plymouth and see this monument for yourself!

Our family after the service.

The New England Solemn Assembly was scheduled after the service at the monument. There were churches all throughout New England that was coming together for a time of repentance and call for revival.

It was held in Pilgrim Hall and this was taken before everyone came inside. I think they estimated about 1500-2000 people were there. It lasted 4 hours, but it didn't feel like it! There was some amazing music and speakers. If you want to watch the event you can click HERE.

These are shofar horns (ram's horns) and they sound absolutely amazing! I get cold chills just thinking about that service and hearing those horns! Hearing them on youtube and hearing them in person is a completely different experience. I would suggest hearing one being blown, but I'll let you do the searching :)
Sunday we attended church at TNT and was able to hear Paul preach. He and his sweet wife had invited our group and another family to their home for lunch after church. We had wonderful fellowship with them and we were able to hear all about his experience praying at the recent Glenn Beck rally in Washington, D.C.
After lunch we went back to Plymouth to take a tour of the Jenney Grist Mill which is the oldest grist mill in America! The owners are godly people that use this business as an opporunity to glorify God and to spread His Word!

This is Leo Martin, the miller. He does tours of Plymouth and had a part in the Monumental Movie also!
He was dressed as a Pilgrim and did a fantastic job with the tour and taught us some invaluble things!
The girls inside the mill.

Leo's sweet wife, Nancy, took this picture of us in front of the mill.
The Town Brook is a river that flows through Plymouth and there are several natural fresh water springs that are located down from the Jenney Grist Mill. Here is one of them. To imagine that the Pilgrims got their water from these actual water sources is just amazing!

After our adventures with the Martins at the grist mill we decided to take a drive up to Cape Cod. The girls had wanted to see the beach again and so we just typed a spot out into the GPS and here is where we landed. :)

This was before we realized the temperature had dropped several degrees!

This is after we fished for jackets and sweatshirts in the van!

Brian sporting his Forefathers Monument hat he purchased at the Jenney Grist Mill :D

We picked up a few shells and decided to head back to the hotel to start packing.

We left bright and early the next morning, Kentucky bound! This time we decided to take the bypass around New York City! Here is a (bad) picture of the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River north of the city. It pretty much rained the entire way home.

God love Brian - he drove the entire trip. From when we left the house to the moment we arrived back home. I offered many times, but he took the reins each time.

God truly blessed us with this trip and the experiences that we've had. I praise Him for the traveling grace to and from and for all of the little things we took for granted. Our traveling buddies, Christis and Vickie (Don's daughter and wife), were just great and we enjoyed getting to spend time with them. They are both precious godly ladies that love the Lord so much.

Updated to add:

For more information about Monumental Movie and to buy tickets for the special live event on Tuesday, March 27th please visit the website:

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