Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 and a Few Great Dads!

We had such a great weekend! Saturday we went to see Toy Story 3 and I must say it was really good. It definitely met the high expectations that we all had! The look on Anna's face when Woody made his first appearance was priceless!
This movie was a little more emotional than most cartoons. I found myself wanting to sob a few times. However, I was feeling a bit nostalgic that day anyway and that didn't help I am sure.

Sunday morning the girls gave Brian his card and gifts! :) For every occasion Holly always wants to get Brian a watch. We've told her that he has a few nice watches, but just needs the batteries replaced. Well this weekend when we went to Belk I had the battery replaced in one of his watches while he was shopping away in the men's department. So on Sunday morning he finally got "his watch"! The girls had also made him another watch out of cardboard and it was funny watching him open that one first.

Sunday afternoon we stopped by Dad's newest house. Which is actually my Aunt Gerty's house that he is buying. It was neat to see this house again. I spent many hours there growing up when we visited Uncle Ed and Aunt Gerty! Now my girls will get to visit their Pa there. One memory in particular happened when I was about 12 years old. Uncle Ed always thought I was so nice and quiet and that I hung the moon! Well, one summer night when we were out there and they were letting me play on the lawn mower. What I didn't realize was that if you sing while riding on the lawn mower it actually echoes back to the house. Where of course my mom and dad and uncle and aunt were sitting. Needless to say that my version of the Judd's "Young Love" was not Grammy worthy! But when I got back to the house Uncle Ed said to me, "you sure were singing pretty!" Ha! I am quite sure that I turned 30 shades of red!
Brian and his girls!
I am convinced that he is the greatest Daddy this side of heaven!

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