Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kiddo Activities

(Sorry I forgot to put the ages:) Our girls are 8 and 10 years old!)

For Kelly's SUYL this week we are sharing our favorite activities for kids.

*Summertime is always fun because there is plenty to do outside. But our girls LOVE to read and usually they join the summer reading club at our public library. This summer it has been kind of crazy busy, and they have been reading a ton, but we have yet to make it up there to officially sign up! But when we do their cards will fill up fast. Most libraries have these book clubs for all ages too!

*Of course summer = swimming and we do plenty of that!

*Our girls love taking colored cardstock and making crafts. In our classroom I have some plastic drawers that have nothing but stickers, paper, and various craft supplies for them to use any time they want to. They come up with some pretty neat stuff and usually make decorations for whatever holiday is coming up.
(You can get the cardstock at Hobby Lobby when it is 50% off or use the 40% off coupon this week! Click HERE)

*A few years ago when we went to Disney World I made each girl a personalized folder with coloring sheets and activity pages that I had printed off for the road trip. I also took a random toy that they had not played with in a long time and put it in a small brown paper sack and stapled the top. Then every 100 or so miles I'd let them open up a new "surprise" (old) toy! They loved it! I threw in some brand new toys that I had picked up at the dollar store for added excitement!

*When they were younger I would pull crafts off of the website! This is a great free site that has TONS of cool crafts and coloring sheets. Another website I love is Danielle's Place!

Have a blessed weekend!!!


Tania said...

Sounds like you will have a fun filled summer. My son Tyler loves to read too, my daughter Kaelyn not so much. What kind of books do your girls like to read?

As always, I enjoy reading your blog.

Big Fat Mama said...

These are great ideas!
Big Fat Mama

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