Monday, August 31, 2015

One of the Scariest Moments of Our Lives

June 15, 2015 will be a day we'll never forget. We had planned on going to Barbourville to help out with a church build with our Alabama family from the Bethel Baptist Builders. We got all packed up and headed down there on Sunday, June 14th after Brian got off work. We were about 5 miles south of Berea when Brian's truck started acting like it was going to stall. We had just come through over a months long hassle with the warranty company and the Ford dealership. They had put a different engine in his truck.  So when we were on the interstate driving and it starts to act up when we hit a little patch of traffic, Brian pulls over to the emergency lane. We wait a few minutes and pull back out and it doesn't do it anymore. So when we get to Mt. Vernon we decided to go on down and set up camp. We get there with no more trouble and get set up and go to bed. The next morning we drive from the campground to the church where they're helping finish out a life center which is less than 2 miles away. When we get to the church the truck is smoking. :-/  Brian opens the hood and it looks like there's oil that had splattered out. So we ponder what to do. After a few more minutes we decide to call the dealership. They tell us to call the warranty company. So long story short we're told to bring it back. We had originally thought we'd leave the camper and come back and get it with a friends truck, but when we got back to the campsite we decided just to bring it back with us. We quickly got everything hooked back up and after stopping by to get some oil we headed back to Berea. Coming home everything was fine. The truck pulled the camper with no problem. Once we got off the exit and were somewhere between the library and the fire station smoke started coming out pretty heavily and the engine light came on. As we were turning onto Prospect St right beside the main triangle in front of Boone Tavern we heard a very loud POP!  Then we saw flames shooting out from under the hood on the drivers side. All I remember is screaming - "GET OUT!"  For a while I couldn't remember how we all scrambled out, but I think I had Molly and grabbed her and whatever bags were at my feet. The girls both jumped out on the passengers side and we all just took off running. It felt like we were in a movie and that the truck was going to explode at any second. I called 911 and there was people coming from Boone Tavern and Berea Coffee and Tea with fire extinguishers. If they hadn't been there we probably would've lost the camper too. The fire department got there right on time. A guy that was at BC&T videoed it and posted it on YouTube. It should be visible below.
It all honestly still feels like a dream. We praise God for the way it all worked out. We were less than a mile from the fire station and less than 2 miles from our house. As we watched our truck burn up there was so many people that stopped to check on us. Mr. Fred from Boone Tavern brought us a tray with ice and drinks.  I called dad and he and his friend, Rusty came and helped us get the camper home.  It was a nightmare situation that could've ended so much worse. We try not to think about the what ifs and just Praise The Lord for His providence and timing. 

Here are a few pics:

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