Saturday, April 6, 2013

Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda

At the beginning of April our church hosted the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda!  It was such a blessing and we were able to host 3 of the boys and their "uncle."  

These children are amazing and they all have a true heart for Jesus!
The boy on the right was one of our boys that stayed with us.  His name is Steven.
This is Joshua and he's another one of our boys!
The boy on the left is Eric (our 3rd boy:) and that's Joshua sitting beside him.
Eric, Steven, and Joshua
Eric, Steven, Joshua, and Herbert

These boys were the most polite and precious boys we've ever been around!  So very sweet!  We wanted them to stay forever!  They traveled back through to sing at a church in Lexington a few weeks after they were at Bethel and we drove up so we could see them again.  They were in the United States for 6 months and will go back home to Uganda at the beginning of July.

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