Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bella's 3rd Birthday and a Little Mud

Our great niece Bella celebrated her 3rd birthday on March 9th!

She's such a silly and beautiful girlie!!!

We were going through pictures after her party and we found this picture of Ryan (Bella's Daddy.)  He had a Micky Mouse party for his 3rd birthday too!  They didn't even realize until afterwards!

The girls with Miss Harper!  She has grown so much and has the brightest bluest eyes!

We had some late snow at the end of March and silly me thought the ground was more frozen when I went to get some things out of the garage behind our house.  Needless to say I got stuck in our yard.....pretty badly!  After several attempts to get it out with Brian's Jeep he had to keep spinning the tires to get it unstuck!  We tried to patch up the yard, but there are still some marks. :)

Brian had to take the power washer to my van to get all of the mud off! Ha!

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