Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next Stop....Alabama

After I attended the Women of Joy conference, Brian and the girls picked me up in Sevierville, TN on Sunday, April 22nd.  Brian was going to attend a class for work in Birmingham, AL and this time we were able to tag along.  Plus, we were going to take the girls on down to Fort Walton Beach, FL after his classes were over!
We were packed like sardines in a can!  What was fun was packing for the ladies conference and the AL and FL trip!
After picking me up we ate breakfast at our favorite restaurant in Pigeon Forge, The Old Mill.
We got to Birmingham that afternoon and got settled in.  The girls and I just hung out in the hotel and after eating lunch with Daddy a few days we ventured out.
 The girl at the hotel told us about the Irondale Cafe that was about 5 minutes away.  We had originally thought that this was where the movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes" had been filmed, but it wasn't.  The author of the book was from Irondale and the cafe in the book was based off of this one.  Still pretty neat!  The girls and I went there one day for dessert.

 Holly got homemade vanilla ice cream, Anna got peanut butter pie, and I got cookies and cream pie.  Yummy!
 There was a train track right across the road and a really neat little bookstore a few buildings down.  We found a McGuffey Reader (a reprint) in there!
And what trip is not complete until we go into a Bass Pro Shop?!
We found one in Destin too!  We actually found one when we stopped for gas somewhere in southern Alabama, but we never could find the road leading into it. :(
One afternoon we saw this GPS Navteq car.  We may be in pictures one day!
One afternoon for lunch we ate at the Golden Rule BBQ and it was delicious!
This restaurant even had a box of aluminum foil from Brian's company!  I tried to get a picture, but it didn't turn out very good.
I also found a filter for my vacuum that I've needed forever in a little shop down there called the House of Vacuums!  By Thursday afternoon we were all itching to get on the road to the beach!!!  Brian got out of class around 2:30 and we were on our way!
God blessed the entire trip with traveling grace and great weather!  We were very thankful!

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