Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mama's Owl

We've been going through boxes in our attic while we've been moving our classroom upstairs. Today I came across this owl that Mama had painted while we were on vacation one year in Myrtle Beach. With a huge family we didn't take very many vacations, but I remember going camping in our truck camper several times! Two years we went to Myrtle Beach when I was around 7 and 8 with some cousins and during one of these trips Mama took a painting class at the campground. I remember thinking how ugly it was back then, but now it's beautiful to me! I wonder if I gave her flack for not letting me go with her?! I was pretty spoiled so I'm sure I gave some sort of grief to her. :) Seeing this owl brought back so many memories that I had forgotten about, good memories.

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