Monday, March 12, 2012

Holly's Birthday Celebrations

I wanted to post the celebrations surrounding Holly's big 10th birthday!
I hadn't uploaded pictures from my camera in about 2 weeks [shocking I know!]
We had planned on going to Perfect North again on the Thursday before her bday, but it was storming and then the tubing section closed that following weekend. So we made a trip over to Champs so she could roller skate and play laser tag. :) She also got to go on a shopping trip and pick out her gifts that night.
Then on her actual birthday - the 28th we had a little party for her. She wanted me to bake a cake again and Anna decorated it like her iPod! I thought she did a pretty good job.
Still can't believe our baby girl is already 10 years old.

Christis and Don stopped by that night too! Christis had just gotten back from the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

We love our girlies and are very blessed that they are growing into such sweet spirited precious young ladies!

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Lady B said...

She is beautiful and wow it seems like forever since we met at NDP!
Through Christ

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