Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just A Few Things

I wanted to share a few pics off of my cell phone. I haven't taken any pictures with my big camera since Christmas. Shocking I know, but sometimes you just need a lil break. :)

Holly was really sad to put away the Nutcrackers. :(

The girls found the funniest app for their iPods. We have laughed so hard at some of them that I think it warrants a post featuring our funniest pics later on. :) Stay tuned....

A co-worker of Brian's gave us a new rooster! We had 3 last year and after we gave 2 away our remaining one died. And in honor of Brian and the girls buying 4 of my favorite BBC Miniseries for Christmas we named him Mr. George Knightley (from Emma:)!!!

About a week and a half ago the girls and I ran into the library and when we came out it looked like a blizzard! It didn't last long though. :( I am beginning to wonder if we're gonna even have a winter. The temps have been in the upper 40's and 50's for quite a while now.

Anna took the snow pic and the one above. We were driving to Lexington and she snapped this one of a farm on the side of the interstate. She's getting pretty good!

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