Sunday, January 29, 2012

18 Years Ago

18 years ago today Brian and I had our first date! I usually always do a post on this day, but I dug out our "old" (haha!) photo album from when we were dating and scanned in a few new pics.
This was the Sweetheart's Dance on February 25, 1994!
In Pigeon Forge, TN April 1994. :)
Brian's HS graduation June 4, 1994!

Holly called this our "Catfish Anniversary" tonight, because Brian ate catfish on that first date (I had lasagna!:) We have now been together longer than we've been apart. And I honestly don't remember much before January 29, 1994. I'm a very blessed woman to have such a godly and humble man to still love me after all of these years!


Lady B said...

Awh, how sweet! Y'all are so cute!!

Trent, Vicki & Aidan said...

Love you guys! And love the pics!

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