Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#187 - Fourth of July Details

This year for the 4th of July we decided to have a small cookout with our best friends. It had been a LONG time since we had gotten together. They came over and we grilled out, played some games, the kids swam, and then went to watch fireworks uptown before coming back home to set our own fireworks off! It was the best day!

Brian made this beautiful bouquet of flowers from some blooming in the backyard!
"Long Live Freedom!"
We got some fireworks from a booth set up by the high school's swim team. They turned out to be pretty good ones.
Nina brought a cheesecake and Logan had helped her decorate it! It was pretty and very tasty!
My pretty Nina!

The kiddos except for Logan.
The girls on the porch getting ready to eat.
Nina and Greg, our best friends since high school! These two are responsible for getting Brian and me together. They went on our first date with us. Such wonderful memories!
The girls swam ALL day long! Seriously.
We all had turns playing cornhole and hillbilly golf (ladder ball).

Nina & Me

I couldn't wait to take some pics of the fireworks with my new camera. It didn't disappoint and the fact that the moon was right beside where they were shooting them off helped!

We parked behind our town's hospital and had a great view without having to be with the large city park crowd.

Afterwards we headed back to our house for Brian's fireworks display (very impressive by the way) and some roasted marshmallows!

It was a very fun and relaxed day. I just love being with this family and the easy laid back atmosphere we all have together. I am ready for another trip to Tennessee with them like the one we went on back in Jan 2010!

John 8:36
"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

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