Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#152 - Beautiful Blessings

My sister has done some landscaping and came across a great deal on some flowers. She was tired of selling/watering/taking care of them so she brought me tons!!! We've been able to give some away, but our porch is still full of them. They are definitely a beautiful blessing to us! This morning I was looking out the back door and saw this butterfly going from flower to flower. It was so pretty. So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few before the lens fogged over in the hot air.

Our dear sister Christis went home today and we miss her already!

Tonight after church Nana brought the girls a surprise. A Wii game they had been wanting! They were very excited!
After tomorrow Brian will be off until the end of next week and we are looking forward to spending some family time together!!! So if I miss a post or two this weekend I'll catch up as soon as I can :D

Psalm 3:8
"Victory comes from you, O Lord.
May you bless your people."

1 comment:

Jacquie said...

I wish I was good with flowers! Love them, they don't love me.

Have a great time with your hubby home!!

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