Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mission Trip to Pass Christian, MS

During the summer of 2008 we went on a building mission trip to Pass Christian, Mississippi with the Bethel Baptist Builders from Alabama to help with some projects after Hurricane Katrina.

Here is most of the crew!

Here are some pictures of the First Baptist Church of Pass Christian, MS that had massive damage from Hurricane Katrina. The sanctuary was washed away when the storm surge was pushed back to the ocean. BBB was able to put the studs up for the walls and put steel beams in. Also they were able to frame up the bathrooms and get the electric installed.

The men's bathroom.

The ladies bathroom.

This is a lady's home they worked on across the street from the church.

There was only two things left from her house that was destroyed.
This bathtub and this window.

This is where she has been living. It is a trailer provided by the state of Mississippi.

They were able to get the inside walls ready for drywall, the roof ready for the metal, the windows put in, and all the electric was complete.

The couple that we go to church with and also went on this mission trip with went back last summer and took these pictures of the church and house once they were finished:

This area is still in much need of help to rebuild. I praise God for the opportunity to be able to go and meet such precious brothers and sisters in Christ. It is awesome when God's children can come together in one accord and get some work done!!! The fellowship with these people was just wonderful and is something our family will cherish forever.

While we were in Pass Christian there was a church group from West Virginia that had come to the park right beside the church to hold a morning VBS each day! They also had a group out working on houses. This was such a blessing because both groups had no idea that the other group was going to be there, but God did!!! I Praise Him for His awesome Providence!!! There were several local kids that came and our group had about 7 there. This church had some really precious ladies and teens that put a lot of work into this couple of hours each morning.

Our girls also met some sweet girls from Alabama that we still keep in contact with through cards and letters.

Holly's hat that she made all by herself!

Sunset in Pass Christian

This summer Brian and I are planning on going to Panama on a mission trip with a group from our church. We'll be working with International Mission Board missionaries there. This is Brian's second foreign mission trip and my first, so I am a bit excited about going. I keep imagining precious little faces that we'll be ministering to and sharing Jesus with!
Brian went to the Philippines in 2004 with our best friends that just got back from serving in South Asia for the past two years.
Acts 1:8
"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”


Ashley said...

The church was beautiful!! They will always be grateful for the volunteers who helped build their place of worship.

Beth McC. said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Summer said...

What a great mission trip to help others in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina! Your pics are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

Have a Happy Friday and a great weekend
Summer :0)

The Fabulous Faby Fam said...

I think it is awesome when some of our work is done right here in the USA. Goodness knows we need it. What a great experience!

Sheila said...

I love your new blog Jenn! Excited to see the pictures after the church and house got finished. I hadn't seen those. I love you baby girl, and I love Brian, Anna and Holly!

Kaz and Amy said...

So incredible! Looks like an awesome trip! Thanks for serving the Lord in this way!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

that is so awesome! I went with our church to McComb, Mississippi the Spring after Katrina hit & we helped re-build houses. The church you built was beautiful.

Shawn said...

What a wonderful job that was done. Such a blessing to bless our own country.

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