Sunday, May 19, 2013

May's Happenings - New Truck, Living History, Shooting a Wedding, & Mother's Day in Gatlinburg

Brian bought a truck!!!  He's wanted one for a long time, but he didn't want to get rid of his Jeep.  So he finally found one that he loved and we got it!  (We just sold the Jeep in July to his cousin's hubby.)

And it's automatic, unlike the Jeep, so I can drive it too!

The girls participated in the Battle of Richmond Living History in May. 
Anna churned butter and Holly did games demonstrations.

 Second day they tended to the chickens!  Something they are definitely familiar with. :)

In mid May I shot my very first wedding!!!  I had done a few others with my film camera, but this was my first "official" wedding!
The sweet couple got married in her mother's barn out in Poosey Ridge and it is GORGEOUS out there!
Beautiful Jessica!
Jessica and Jon :)

 On a random day the week before Mother's Day the girls fixed me breakfast. They had a deadline for our co-op's yearbook on a certain day and they got that day confused with Mother's Day. :)
 So that night I milked the Mother's Day thing and got supper at Papaleno's!  Yummy!
On the real Mother's Day we actually pulled off a surprise for them!  I had packed a bag the night before and put it in the truck.  The next morning Brian woke them up early and told them that they were going to take me to breakfast.  After going through McDonald's drive thru they were curious what was going on and it wasn't until we were a couple of miles heading south on the interstate did they really believe us!  I'm always saying things like, "Guess what girls?!  We're going to ________ (some random place)!"  This time we actually got to go!  We shopped around a little and drove through the Roaring Forks Motor Trail in Gatlinburg and then Cades Cove.  We saw our very first bear ever on the RFMT in Gatlinburg!!! We ended our night eating at Joe's Crab Shack.
It was a very blessed Mother's Day!

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