Friday, February 8, 2013

February Happenings

In an attempt to update our blog, I'm going to do a month to month post on what I haven't covered!

At the beginning of February we drove down to see my Aunt Lexie, my Mama's baby sister.
She had been battling cancer for almost a year.
When we first saw her I was overwhelmed at how much she looked like Mama.
With Aidan.  We got to stay with Vicki, Trent, and Aidan while we were down there!
Sweet Aidan! 

After church on Sunday we stopped by a McDonald's on the way to Lexie's house and I made Anna pose with the largest McDonald's bag in the world! Ha!

On our way home from Atlanta we made a pit stop at the Old Mill and Smoky Mountain Knife Works. :)

We also attended a Pro-Life Rally in Frankfort at the Capitol Rotunda.  Our Representative Jonathan Shell spoke and did a great job!
The girls standing on the second level.

Instagram is partly to blame for my lack of blogging!  I keep up with our events on there!  My user name is:  jenn5577 if you want to look me up!

On to March's blog post!

1 comment:

Tania said...

Jenn- I'm glad that you got to visit with your Aunt Lexie.

Love the picture of Anna and the McDonalds bag. She is a beautiful young lady.

I sent a request to follow you on Instagram. Mine is tscott72.

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