Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anna's 13th Birthday Celebrations!

I'm a little behind on my blogging this year. :(  After doing the 365 last year I think I've felt the need to slack off a little this year.

Anyway - here is how we celebrated Anna's BIG 13th Birthday!
For the past several years we let the girls choose between having a big party or doing something special.  They usually pick the "doing something special" option.

Which is a good thing since it's hard to have family get togethers anymore.

Anna chose to have a sleepover with Sissy and Holly and then to go on a shopping spree!
Within limits.
Here she is in her all time favorite store - Forever 21.
With her fashion purchases!
The patient shopping supporters.
We just had to stop by the Disney Store. :o(
Then we saw Anna's former love. 
I miss the Woody days!  Where did our baby go?!!
The choice for lunch - Chick-fil-A of course!
After lunch we stopped by Old Navy and shopped some more.
 Sweet besties!
 Anna modeling one of her outfits after church Sunday on her actual birthday.
 Anna - "Full of Grace"
For her b-day cake she wanted me to make her a chocolate-chocolate cake.  So she found a recipe on Pinterest and we made it together Saturday night.
 So on Sunday the 23rd, we just had cake and ice cream with Daddy and Holly.
 That cake was gooood!!!
 Brian had to work on her birthday, but was off Monday, so we had some family come by for cake and ice cream.  We made a separate cake for this celebration and Anna even decorated it herself.

 Bella helped her blow out the candles!  (Do the candles look familiar?! Ha!)
Happy Birthday, Nunu!!!  We love you!!!
And she finally got a phone!  Woohoo!

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Lady B said...

Awh, So sweet and beautiful! Happy Birthday, Anna!
Through Christ,

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