Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jefferson Monument, Land Between the Lakes, Energy Lake Campground, Fort Donelson, Perryville Battlefield

At the end of June we went on a little camping trip out to western Kentucky.
On our way we stopped by the Jefferson Davis Monument.

 Yep, we do a little bit of schooling in the summer. :)

 They believe that this was one of Jefferson Davis' uniforms.
Table was actually owned by Jefferson Davis, circa 1850.
 Very neat fact is that Jefferson Davis' first wife died 3 months after they married and he went into seclusion for almost a decade studying history and politics. He remarried a few months shy of 10 years and took his new wife to visit his mother and the grave of his first wife on their honeymoon!
 The monument

 A group of 10 men bought the land where Jefferson Davis was born to accommodate a new church and to have a living memorial for him. They deeded the land to him and on his last trip to Kentucky in November 1886 he presented the land to the Bethel Baptist Church. He wrote, "I have looked forward with earnest hope to see a house for Christian worship stand on the spot where I was born." 

This church still holds regular meetings and is located beside the monument.
We camped at Energy Lake Campground on the Land Between the Lakes.
 It was beautiful there!
 Our campsite really had the best location.  We never had any rain, but it got hot a few afternoons and we took a little drive in the A/C and our turbo fan kept us cool at night.

 There was a lady that stopped by one day to ask about our shower (you'll see that in a minute) and asked if we homeschooled.  Haha!  The only thing we can figure is that she saw the girls reading when we first got set up. :)
 There was a bison and elk prairie that we could drive through.

 Energy Lake

 We took food and cooked over the fire!  Brian's dad gave us all kinds of meats to cook.
The girls seemed to like it!

We went to The Homestead - 1880 Living History Center.
 This little guy was friendly!
 We just love this stuff!!!

 We were curious what this box was in the corner of the bedroom of the main house and were surprised when they said - "It's there to hide the security system!"

 Pretty sure Anna won't be marrying a pig farmer!

 The Great Western Furnace.  One of many furnaces in that area.
 The girls friend that they kept feeding sunflower seeds to.

Here is the most talked about purchase of 2012! 
The best money ever spent on a shower!  We did use it a few times even though the campground had a newer bath facility.

 I even made an apple crisp one morning for breakfast!

And apparently it was pretty good, because it was all gone!

We drove down into Tennessee to Fort Donelson Civil War site.

 Dover Hotel - where Gen. Buckner (CSA) surrendered to Gen. Grant (USA).

 Deer were everywhere!

Another furnace. 

 Some more deer. :)

 Gorgeous sunsets!

On Sunday afternoon we went horseback riding.  Brian and I went too!  Even though the temperature that day was 105*F (we didn't know it at the time!)
And the girls even went swimming in the lake! :P
 On our way back home we stopped by the Perryville Battlefield.

 It was a great mini-trip and we look forward to our next camping adventure!


Trent, Vicki & Aidan said...

Looks like so much fun! We have only been camping once this summer but are hoping to go at least one more time in the next couple of months...the shower is awesome! Love you guys!

Kelly said...

HI! I loved stumbling upon your pictures :) I was wondering if you remember what site you had at Energy Lake? It looked perfect! I am trying to plan an upcoming family camping trip and would love any site recommendations at Energy Lake or surrounding campgrounds.
Thanks in advance!!!

Jenn said...

I just looked up the map to be sure, but it was in Area C. C4 is the site number. It was a gorgeous site! Have fun! We just returned from a long weekend of camping at the Kenlake Campground!

Jenn said...

But we honestly loved Energy Lake better! It was already booked when we had decided to go and I had to take what I could get! It's a beautiful area!

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for the advice!!! It looks beautiful! I am stressing about getting a good spot and most everything is booked up already :(. Have you seen the cabins they put in the B loop??? Just wondering if they are really close together? The heat we are having and the thunderstorms expected are making my family want one :)

Jenn said...

We didn't drive up in the B loop, so we didn't see the cabins. It was super hot when we went tent camping there and we spent a lot of time taking nice air conditioned drives! ;)

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