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Plymouth 2010 - Wednesday & Thursday

Get prepared to become bombarded with photos!
Let me begin by explaining how this trip got started. Don Pinson of Heritage Ministries of Ky, (the ministry that Brian and I help) called us at the end of August and told us about an opportunity to go to Plymouth, Massachusetts on Sept. 25 to be part of a scene in a documentary that Kirk Cameron is doing called, Monumental Movie. He was going to fly his daughter, Christis, up there but asked us if we'd drive her that they would provide our gas instead of buying her a ticket, so that we could be a part of this too! So we thought about it for about 2 minutes and said, "SURE!" Ha! Christis Joy and her mother, Vickie both went with us.
Anna's birthday was on the 23rd and we didn't want to be traveling all day on her special day so we decided to leave on Wednesday morning and drive until we got there! So that is what we did!

The girls with Liberty, Jubilee, & Felicity (Christis' doll)

The last time we went to Plymouth we took I-287 around New York City. But this time we'd be going through around midnight, so Brian (who drove the entire time) said, "Let's drive through the city instead of bypassing it. This may be our only chance!" So we all agreed that it would be a great opportunity. Of course we thought our wonderful GPS would keep us on an interstate or an expressway the entire way. But nope. It took us right straight through Chinatown! I knew something was up when I read - Exit onto Canal Street....

This is the Manhattan Bridge that we crossed.

NYC funny story #1 - When we passed this sign I totally had a brain spasm. When I read "W Broadway" I said, "There is something on Broadway, what is it?" Then almost in unison everyone in the van started laughing at me. Christis's mom, Vickie, said that all she could think of when she saw the sign was the song, "On Broadway."

NYC funny story #2 - We got stopped at a red light in some traffic. It was the light before the turn into the Lincoln Tunnel. We sat there for about 15-20 minutes and we could tell that there was a way to get around the blocked intersection, but it was impossible for Brian to get out and pull around because of the traffic flying beside us in a turning lane. We just sat there, not moving. The two cars in front of us even bumped into one another and exchanged numbers and got back in their cars. We still sat there. All of a sudden Brian said, "Let me show them a little lesson in Panamanian driving and pulled out in front a NYC cabbie! Horns started blowing (including ours:) and Brian just kept on going. It was hilarious! He got around the traffic jam and had to squeeze beside two cars that was still blocking the intersection. By this time we were all in tears from laughing so hard! Christis even said, "Brian is our hero!" Haha!

This was at the street department garage and I was just taking random pics of the street scenes. Do you notice anything making a shadow on this building?! I said that it was a sign from the Lord that He had us covered!!!

Of course it was dark and I couldn't get the best pictures, so please look over the blurry quality. If I hadn't of refused to roll my window down they might of turned out better. Ha!

On our way out of the Manhattan area of the city we were suppose to take a certain exit to another expressway. But we missed the turn, so Brian had to take the next exit and here is what I saw:
It felt like we were in a movie! We had to cross the intersection in between the pillars below the subway and everything! We just crossed the street and got straight back on the expressway. But still this small town Ky girl didn't much like being in those neck of the woods!

This is the best and probably only picture I'll ever get of the NYC skyline. Ha! We were able to see the Statue of Liberty, but I couldn't get a good pic of her.

We (read: Brian) drove straight onto Plymouth after our adventures in NYC. We got there around 4:30 a.m. and the only thing open was a Wal-Mart and we were all desparate at this point to take a break. After Wal-Mart we decided to watch the sunrise over Plymouth Harbor.

Of course it was now Thursday, September 23rd and also Anna's 11th birthday!

The Mayflower II

Tired (& chilled)girlies :)

The girls with the Plymouth Rock Monument behind them.

It was beautiful that morning! Definitely something none of us will forget any time soon. Including Anna!

Plymouth Rock with the sun shining in from the Harbor!

We went and ate some breakfast and then went to the hotel to see how early we could check-in because at this point we were all getting pretty tired! The really sweet girl, Erin, at the front desk took our number and told us that as soon as a room was available she would call us. Brian just pulled the van over to the edge of their parking lot and we all took a little cat nap :) Then at around 9:30 a.m. my phone rang and a room was ready!!! Needless to say that as soon as we got upstairs we all just crashed!
Since it was Anna's special day we let her pick what she wanted to do. So after our naps and getting showered she wanted to go to the beach, of course!
Here she is on Scusset Beach in Cape Cod.
It was beautiful weather and the girls had fun getting their toes in the sand. But that water was freezing!

Our familia!

Christis picked up this sea snail and to be honest it was gross!

There is just something about seeing the ocean that just soothes the soul!

Our girlies having a good time!

Patterns in the sand that the water was making.

For her b-day dinner Anna chose the Lobster Hut that is located right on Plymouth Harbor. We ate here last year and it is super yummy!

Holly was giving us her mean eye.
Here is Anna's attempt at a mean eye :o)

The moon shining over Plymouth Harbor, the same spot that we watched the sunrise about 15 hours earlier.

We went back to the hotel for cupcakes and cookies to celebrate!

On Friday we took the girls to Lexington and Concord, MA to visit the first two battle sites of the Revolutionary War. Then on Saturday we went to the film shooting for Monumental Movie and the New England Solemn Assembly. I'll have to do separate posts for each day to get it all blogged!

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Tania said...

First I want to say "Happy Birthday Anna!" What a neat way to spend your birthday. Second of all, I love that you got to go through NYC. My sister and I would like to take a trip there sometime. Loved looking at all the pictures that you took. I really like the picture that is just above your family one at the beach. So sweet.

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